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Boiler Filter M2

Double protection magnetic filter that will protect your boiler system from and kind of debris, limescale, saw dust, sludge etc that is above 80 microns in size. Any material below 80 microns that is non magnetic will only manage to pass through, particles of that size will not affect the heat exchanger or the water pump. In most cases particles below 80 microns will be magnetic particles which will then be caught by the magnet within.

Product Highlights

  •  High quality 22mm service valve.
  • Built with an angle for maximum efficiency in flow.
  • Drainage valve and key which is easy to use and makes it a product that can be maintained by a layman.
  • Strong magnet which will attract any magnetic metals which manages to pass through the 80microns gaps of the mesh.


Installing Zeetec Boiler Filter is very easy. This filter fit in line with the return pipe to your boiler. it is very easy to install by anyone with an understanding of boilers and heating systems. Once installed properly it can be operated and maintained by almost anyone.

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